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November 17, 2008
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Crochet Hand Bag by Petra0 Crochet Hand Bag by Petra0
I've crochet my first bag! :dance:
Took me about 2 weeks to complete.
I've added some wooden beads and crochet a rose to give it some flavor, and used a nice big button to keep the flap close. I really like how it came out.

I'm planning to make another one and give to my mom as a christmas gift.:aww:

Hope you guys like it!
All crits/comments/suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!
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behappy1990 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Very pretty bag, you did an amazing job. ;)
xandju Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
just a recommendation: line the inside with a little fabric, it'll keep the purse from stretching out of my wallet did ;_;
behappy1990 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
How Would you line the inside of the bag?
xandju Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Im not great at sewing, but I make a U shaped pouch with the nice side of the fabric on the inside, then sew the top of it onto the inside top of the crochet bag,…
Is the best pic I have atm for reference. My bags are all round though, like a satchel. For a square one, you could just take a square of fabric a little smaller and sew it onto the bag before you fold and seam it closed, or make a square/rectangle version of what I use then sew it in the same way <3
I loved my wallet, it just stretched so much before it just couldn't hold anything anymore.
The strap may stretch too, depending on the weight of whats in the bag, for going side to side width wise for the length of the strap, you might want to line that as well. Made my mom a bag and my strap was the same way. she put her lunch in it, and the strap stretched to the floor! If you don't want to line the strap, you could always try crocheting it back and forth length wise till you have the width you want too <3
behappy1990 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
thanks for the in depth answer, I have always wondered how to line a knitted bag. I just love how it looks when it is finished. TY again, I will try this. I like to make messenger type bags, so I will this with that. :D
xandju Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Not a problem. I love helping out fellow crafters when I can. And as long as some of these wonderful things take to make, it can be truly heart breaking when they stretch to the point of being unusable, or get destroyed <3 
Good luck, and enjoy!
issabell95 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
I love it. I crochet myself but I don't have the patients for anything more than hats
xbamfan Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
such a cute bag :la:
Cihan89 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
I love it
great job :)
elemental-heiress Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010  Student General Artist
This is so lovely! Do you have a basic pattern for this or the style of bag?
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